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Even though many pets look alike we all know that they are very unique so each pet needs it’s own space. To add a pet you will need to create a new user for each member of the litter, just follow the instructions below and you’ll be set up in no time!

  1. Log-out — To create a new user you need to log-out. Click the “Log-Out” button below.
  2. Create a new user — Once you log-out you will be sent to the registration page. Follow the directions and remember that each critter is unique so each one needs a unique username. You can however, use your same email address for all members of the litter.
  3. Create a Family Group (optional) — If you want to create a place where you can keep track of the whole litter, you can create a private family group. If you want to create a family group, before you log out, click the “Create Family Group” button below, create the group and then return to this page to log out and start adding the gang. (You will have an option to join this group during the registration process.)
Log-OutCreate Family Group


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